The Robot

Marlene Pierce Gierbolini publishes new book, The Robot

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When Margaret Pond arrives at Future Roboticsshe has problems in her personal lifebut not even her wildest dreams can prepare her for what lies ahead.

She is scanned, makes friends with a nerd, meets the enigmatic owner of the place, receives the office of a dead man, and is tasked with researching technology beyond her comprehensionand that’s just her first day.

Faced with the burdens and uncertainties of an entrapping relationship, Margaret can experience the annihilation of her own humanity, but her experiences bringing artificial beings to life and her own subconscious mind change her reality in ways previously unimagined to her.

The Robot is an entertaining sci-fi thriller that works as an engine for thought-provoking ideas and self-reflection. It will keep you at edge until the end.

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The book has already been published in English.

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